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Edenbridge and Westerham cafe project initialisation

What do you want to do? Please explain the aims, milestones and outcomes.
We have already a list of over 10 volunteers who want to work with us to establish and run the Cafés which includes those working with or caring for people with dementia and those living with dementia themselves.

We propose that a Steering Group will be quickly formed with representation from the 3 organisations and particularly those in the community living with dementia and those caring for someone with dementia to direct the strategy for the Cafés.

Please note: If awarded the funding, the parties of this proposal will meet to agree the detail of commitments. At the time of submitting all are agreed to the proposal in principle.

How have you identified the need for the project?

There is currently no dedicated provision of services for people living with dementia in the Edenbridge and Westerham communities.

Who will be involved and in what capacity? Please include all community input such as schools, residents and support groups.

BRIDGES has a well-established Pop-In Centre operating at the heart of the Edenbridge community whose Trustees and Manager are supportive of the concept of the Dementia Café, and are willing to join with other organisations to seek new volunteers for this project.

Westerham Town Council have sought to establish a Dementia Café as a facility to the local community to offer support and help to overcome feelings of loneliness and isolation that may be felt by those living with dementia. Westerham Town Council are members of the Sevenoaks Area Dementia Friendly Community.

Symone Salwan, a resident of Edenbridge, runs Home Instead Senior Care providing specialist support to help people with dementia live well and as independently as possible in their local communities. Symone offers training to organisations, services and families to help them understand dementia and how to best support someone with dementia through the stages of their disease. Symone is Co-Chair of the West Kent Dementia Action Alliance and Sevenoaks Area Dementia Friendly Community Forum.

Each organisation is highly regarded in their local community and has local networks who will help promote the Cafés and engage with local communities.

Who will be impacted/ supported by the project? Please identify where the impact will be and how the project will promote community cohesion and inclusiveness.

The Café’s will be providing services in the local communities of Edenbridge and Westerham to residents living with impairment of their memory and/or cognition, along with their carers, families and friends. They do not have to have a diagnosis of dementia

Through activities with existing local groups e.g. music, art, crafts, special interests, wellbeing and social groups, we will promote community understanding of living with dementia and help to make more groups and activities accessible to those living with dementia.

We will also encourage businesses and services in the community to promote the cafés and direct people they believe will benefit to the cafés – we will be providing talks on our work to groups such as the Chambers of Commerce, Local Councils, Rotary, CAB, etc.

We also have engagement with the local GPs and Age UK to promote and direct people to our services.

When will the project be initiated and when will it be completed?

Start date 10th September 2015

Duration initial 6 months with seed funding from the DFC funding bids

It is clearly understood that for future sustainability the funds would have to be looked at as coming from elsewhere.

How will you measure the impact and success of the project, and when will this be done?

Our success will be evident from:

  • Numbers of those attending the Cafés – those living with dementia, their loved ones, those wishing to find out more about dementia or those wishing to help people living with the disease;
  • Feedback from those attending as to the benefits derived from attending;
  • Feedback from organisations working with people living with dementia as to the usefulness and effectiveness of the Cafés.

We will obtain feedback from surveys in physical and electronic formats possibly using the shortened Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS), meetings with individuals and organisations; registers of those attending the Cafés.

How will the project be sustained or transferred?

The Parties to this proposal will look to provide matched funding from their own resources or fundraising for: provision of the venue, management time in developing the Cafés. Home Instead Senior Care is proposing to train Co-ordinators and volunteers for the Café and Home Instead Senior Care will provide 1 Senior professional team member to support the café at each session for the first 6 months. Thereafter we will seek to support Co-ordinators going forward.

Trained Volunteers will provide the manpower for the Cafés with higher trained Co-ordinators sought from the Volunteers to take over the running of the Cafés in the future.

We have already received an additional £500 in a private donation (25% of the funding proposed from KCC) and have had positive responses in regard to funding from:

The Great Stone Bridge Trust

Rotary (Westerham & Edenbridge)

Eden Valley Chamber of Commerce

We will be engaging these organisations in January 2016, once we have the cafés up and running and invite them to see the cafés in action.
We will also be approaching other organisations

We will be requesting a place on Waitrose Edenbridge “green token” boxes – in my experience raising between £200-400 for other organisations I am involved with.

All founding parties: Westerham Town Council, BRIDGES and Home Instead Senior Care are committed to the sustainability of the cafés and will continue to provide some support from their own resources.

We will be asking for contributions from those attending the cafés to go towards running costs.

We will consider running fundraising events during the first 12 months of operation.


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